The Lost Alibis EP

by Lost Alibis

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Lost Alibis are:

JF (Montréal) - vocals, keyboards
Masa (Tokyo) - guitars
Taka (Tokyo) - bass
Glenn (Seattle) - drums

This recording was written, composed & produced by JF, and arranged by the band. It was recorded on the outskirts of Tokyo in 2014 and 2015. We'd like to send our thanks to everyone who supported us and helped us get this far, and to all those that give our music a chance.


released June 7, 2015


all rights reserved



Lost Alibis Tokyo, Japan

Lost Alibis are a rock band from Tokyo, Japan. They formed in 2013, played their first show in 2014, and released their first recording in 2015.

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Track Name: Myself Again
I've got something that you lost
And I wanna give it away
Yeah it's good enough for you
Won’t you let it through
Just a moment and I'll make you whole again

I've lost something that you have
And I gotta get it back
It was a long long time ago
Won't you let it go
Don’t you worry, coz I'll set you free at last
Yeah don’t worry, coz I'll set you free at last

Tell me who took it from me
Did I give it away?
Will I ever see myself again?
Who put it away?
Did I leave it behind?
Will I ever feel myself again?

I know something’s got to give
So I’m gonna get it together
Coz it's moving way too slow
Won't you let it flow
On the outside and I'll take you for a ride
Yeah on the outside, let me take you for a ride
Track Name: Try Together
Hey, give me a sign
I need to know that the feeling’s right
So please, don’t keep it inside
Coz I can’t stand waiting for another night

Been gone so long
Out on my own, been drowning in the noise
So please, pick up the phone
I want to feel my presence in your voice again

Talk to me now
We’ll find a better way
We’ll try another day
We’ll keep the fear away

Let’s get together
We gotta move towards each other
Get closer to the light
You know things are bound to get better
If only we all try

Hey, we’re all afraid
Everyone waits for someone else to take a chance
Just playing it safe
Making excuses not to join the dance

Don’t wanna pretend
Don’t wanna play this game of self-defense
Coz I, I need a friend
Open up your life
Track Name: Way Out Here
Way out here, in the middle of elsewhere
Tryin’ to find a way to keep another place alive
Holding me awake, a handful of impressions
But not enough to make the images survive

Coz space is growing between us
And time is coming between us
Deceiving us

Way out there, all the currents are flowing
Underneath the radar they’re shifting every day
But from afar, everything seems frozen
Locked in the distance, fading away

Coz space is growing between us
And time is coming between us

Way out here
Don’t you know I wanna see the town with you
And you know I wanna feel the ground with you
Yeah you know I wanna be around

Way out here
Don’t you know I wanna see the town with you
And you know I wanna feel the ground with you
And you know I wanna hear the sounds with you
Yeah you know I wanna be around with you
Way out here
Track Name: Évadéxilé
Et qui n’a pas rêvé
D’aller un jour vivre ailleurs
Soudain libéré
De toutes ses lourdeurs

Mais qui n’a pas voulu
Abandonner sa demeure
Jeté dans l’imprévu
Seul avec sa peur

Évadéxilé je cours
(Je prends mon élan à chaque tour)
Évadéxilé j’accours
(sans aucun détour)

Et qui n’a pas choisi
De jouer à l’extérieur
De quitter son abri
D’espérer meilleur

S’en aller
Pour habiter sous un autre ciel
Comme un étranger
S’inventant une vie nouvelle
Je vais m’en aller
Track Name: Accelerate
There’s nothing else to do
Don’t wanna fall behind
Don’t wanna think it through

More fuel to feed the machines
To hold it all in place

But the habit keeps on growing
And no one wants to come down again
Riding the waves of progress
Things are never fast enough

We’ll make your life a breeze
We’ll tell you everything

All of the answers you really need
Then you won’t have to come down again
As long as you choose to believe
There is no other way

But it’s not enough
Track Name: Another Place
You say you wanna leave this place
You say you gotta ditch this space
You say you wanna be the one to keep moving on
Until it’s all gone

I gotta get out of this box
I gotta put away these clocks
I wanna find a way to keep the grinding away
Until some other day

We gotta shuffle outta the fold
We gotta liberate our soul
We’ve seen it all before unless we open the door
And take a look now

We’re gonna step outside
We’re gonna feel the vibe
We won’t know what it’s like until we try
We’re gonna step outta line
Don’t wanna stay asleep until we die

We’re gonna walk out on our own
We’re gonna break out of the zone
We’re gonna find another place where we can feel alive

They wanna keep us on a leash
They wanna save us from ourselves
They wanna line us up in neat and clean little rows
And start counting

They say it’s gonna help us out
They say no use to scream and shout
Make sure you put a screen between your eyes and the scene
To keep it all out

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